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The idea for Moussaka and Me was born out of all the wonderful memories of my childhood;

precious times spent in my grandmother Venetia’s kitchen, as well endless hours by my mother’s side as she prepared dish after delicious dish in our own kitchen.

Fond memories keep coming – me wearing my little white apron, my front teeth missing and my hair in two pigtails, and though my brother teased me mercilessly, I paid him no attention; I felt like Alice in Wonderland when my granny appointed me her one and only helper. The delicious aroma of the ‘Easter Tsoureki’ being baked, a dozen loafs at a time, the tantalizing smells of her wonderful sauces – all these and more stand out vividly in my memory.

My mum who was an equally talented cook, was tireless in explaining and answering my every “how and why”. She taught me all her secrets of the wonderful world of baking, cooking, and home care in general.

I flourished in this environment, so much so that my father would laugh and say that my future husband would have more problems feeding me than clothing me!

My memories and experiences cover the span of nearly 3 generations, and what began as a very traditional view on food, family, and life, has evolved into a modern outlook spiced with the flavours of bygone days. Now, as autumn is approaching literally and metaphorically – I will be turning 70 this month – I felt the timing was right to begin sharing all this with you. We all follow the wheel of life, and I have found that it’s the things I’ve learned along the way that keep me going and developing along with the times.

I’ve already passed a lot on to my 3 children and my 3 grandchildren, (some of whom are more receptive than the others, to the wonders of the kitchen!), but I also feel the need to pass on this wisdom and interest in blending the traditional and the modern to create a richer today, both in and out of the kitchen. And that’s what Moussaka & Me is about – celebrating all of life’s flavours and experiences, and sharing them to live a richer life – there’s so much more to life than just recipes.


Welcome to my life


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Monthly Recipes


Each month we will celebarate a particular food or theme which will be fetured on the recipe page. Recipes will usually be based on a Greek theme, though this will occasioanblly vary depending on who is offering the particular recipe. Remember: variety is the spice of life!

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